Sunday summary #1

Amazon Sagemaker, Tailwind UI, a dangeous candle AND cute dogs. It must be a Sunday!

February 23, 2020 - 3 min read

Amazon Sagemaker

If you've ever wanted to play around with machine learning in the simplest way possible then I think that Amazon Sagemaker is a great way to go about it. I tried it for a couple of hours this week and it was a treat. You don't need anything to get started except some data and rudimentary Python knowledge. You use Jupyter Notebooks to create your models and there are many algorithms to choose from, both CPU and GPU ones. While building your notebook you pay for an EC2 instance which is then removed when you're done. The data is saved in EBS which keeps costs to a minimum. Training is done on special EC2 instances and they are removed when training is done. The completed model is saved to an S3 bucket.

While working on the model and training it is cheap the actual hosting of the model can get pricy. You host an instance of the model on one of the EC2 instances mentioned above and that will cost you about $47 a month. If you want an HTTPS endpoint then you can use AWS Lambda and API Gateway to do that. It all works very well and I highly recommend it if you want to try some machine learning.

Tailwind UI

Tailwind CSS is my current favorite CSS framework. It has no built-in components so you have to build your own card components from a long list of utility classes for example. Adam Wathan, the creator of Tailwind, has been teasing the Tailwind UI framework for a while now and he has promised to release it next week. This will fill in the blanks by supplying components to make it easier to build a site with Tailwind. This will be a commercial project though and it looks like you'll have to drop about $150 to get the base version of it. I will certainly take a look at it and I think the price might just be worth it for me.

The first smart-connected real-flame candle Kickstarter
An app-connected IOT candle WITH A REAL FLAME. What could possibly go wrong? Also you need to use their special proprietary wax refills if you run out of your Avocado&Mint candle. The good news is that this is about 90% funded so you'll be able to enjoy app-connected scented candles soon.

Into the personal website-verse
Break free of the walled gardens of social media and create your own website instead. Own your content and do what you want! Just like in the good old days but with like Javascript and micro services instead of frames and hot purple backgrounds.

Fiverr Logo Maker
Fiverr has made it much easier to have a nice brand logo made. You make a few choices and then it connects your with branding art from their artists. You can then select a logo style you like and then you'll have a nice logo to use anywhere. There are customisation options as well once you select a logo. When I tried it it cost about $60 for a complete logo with vector files and a social media branding kit.

Logo examples from Fiverr

Ruby on Rails will have a built-in benchmark generator
This will make it much easier to benchmark your rails apps.

Github CLI
Use Github from the command line. Get this, then learn Emacs or Vim and you'll never need to leave your command line ever again.

Introducing Terminal: Hosting websites on IPFS
Host your application on a distributed file system. It might be the future!

A huge list of 1on1 questions to use as a template for meetings and such. I will make use of this for sure.
NPM was down for a while and CI builds were failing. Shows how brittle everything really is.

Album of the week

Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

Picture of the week

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