Sunday Summary #2

A great new way to avoid distractions while trying to concentrate, customer VPS provider and how to learn a new . language in a year.

March 1, 2020 - 2 min read
Sunday Summary #2


This is a free Chrome app for monitoring and fixing distractions while working. There are many apps which do this like Blocksite for example, but Motion does it a bit differently. Whenever you visit a site that is marked as distracting you get a popup that tells you this. You then have the option to leave the site or tell Motion that you need a minute or more. This is then displayed in a countdown timer and when the time is up you get the popup again.

This may seem like a trivial difference but I've been using it all week and it made a huge difference for me. The constant nagging and having to actually click a button to get another minute on Twitter is a great thing.

Pull Panda
Recently acquired by Github. This is a great tool for teams that do pull requests on Github. You can for example get pull request reminders on Slack and there are graphs for pull request velocity and turnaround time.

My teams current turnaround time goals

How I learned French in 12 months
Makes me want to learn a new language, but I don't have 3 hours a day to do it unfortunately.

Best practices for designing apps people actually use

Github discussions beta
You will be able to discuss projects without cluttering up the issues page. Seems like a great thing to me.

Over 150.000 free wildlife illustrations

100 little ideas
100 concepts, ideas and principles that explain the world. Very interesting stuff.

Free AWS tier for $900 a month
Be careful!
Reasonably priced VPS provider. The unique thing is that you can customise your server to your liking without paying through the nose.

Album of the week

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