Sunday Summary #3

Tailwind UI has finally been released, a way to edit your Jamstack sites in real time and big lists of apps that startups use.

March 8, 2020 - 1 min read

Tailwind UI

Tailwind UI has finally been released. Since the Tailwind CSS framework doesn't contain any actual components but rather just utility classes then this is the perfect companion. It is a commercial pack created by the creators of Tailwind itself. Essentially it is a library of beautiful components such as pricing pages, forms and cards.

I bought this day 1 and I am already working on an app that uses it. It looks great and the components are easy to use as well.

Tailwind UI pricing

Tina CMS
Real-time editing of your Jamstack site, all without using external tools to write.

A half hour to learn Rust
Whirlwind tour of some Rust concepts

How a 2 person startup already uses 28 other tools

Top economists study what happens when you stop using Facebook

Changes we've made to our process and work on
Interesting use of Trello boards inspired by Basecamps Shape Up

All the apps that I pay for
Everything this person uses to run their business. That is quite the list.

Another criticism of using Kubernetes as the default deployment option for every single app

Album of the week

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