Trello to Notion for free

Learn how to Use Huginn to move cards from Trello to Notion for free.

Tue Jun 01 2021 - 3 min read

Notion recently make their API public. This has been a long awaited thing that opens up a lot of possibilities for Notion users like myself. My current setup is using Trello as an inbox of sorts and then I move the cards manually to Notion as part of my daily routine. This is of course boring and can now be automated using the new Notion API.

My first version of this used Zapier. Zapier is a no-code solution for things like this. It can connect pretty much anything to everything. You can get a notification to Slack when someone subscribes to your Twitter account, automatically share posts in an RSS feed to your LinkedIn profile, and so on.

They have a great interface for this and it makes things very easy to use. The free version comes with 100 tasks a month. A task a single thing that Zapier does. Moving a Trello card to Notion is a single task for example. However, I also want Zapier to delete the card when it has been moved. This means that I now need two tasks to do this and the free version will not be enough.

The cheapest plan costs $19.99 a month billed annually and includes 750 tasks a month. This would be enough but since I don't use Zapier for other things then this is quite a bit of money just for this. is another option and includes 600 monthly actions for $9.99 a month.

I eventually decided to just use Huginn instead. It turned out that the Notion API is pretty easy to use with Huginn but there is a lot of nested data in it. It took quite some time to get it working so I thought that I'd share my Huginn scenario here so that you can get started quicker.

Click here to get it. It is shared though Github gists.

You will need to fill in the following:

<NOTION_DATABASE_ID>. The ID of the database to create tasks in. Simply browse to the database in Notion to find it.

<NOTION_API_SECRET>. Sign up for the Notion API to find it. Do note that you have "share" the database with the API to make it work.

<TRELLO_LIST_ID>. The list to pull cards from.


My scenario is pulling cards from two different Trello boards to two different Notion databases: one for personal use and one for work. Simply delete the Agents you don't want.

Enjoy your free API integration!