Simplify your recipe collection with ChatGPT and N8N

Sat Jul 01 2023
Simplify the chaos of online recipe collection with ChatGPT. Create a clean, easy-to-read format including nutritional and weight information by setting up an N8N workflow.

Do simple things

Tue Jun 06 2023
Going on a trip into complexity and back again for something that didn't need to be complicated.

Plausible analytics: Self-hosted analytics for free

Mon Jan 31 2022
Plausable analytics is self-hosted Google Analytics. Free and easy to host.

Trello to Notion for free

Tue Jun 01 2021
Learn how to Use Huginn to move cards from Trello to Notion for free.

Automated morning music with Pipedream, Huginn, and Mailbrew

Mon Mar 29 2021
Get a great music album delivered to the inbox every morning, with a Spotify link so that you don't have to find the album yourself.

My Ruby on Rails stack for side projects in 2021

Mon Mar 01 2021
This is the tools and gems that I recommend using in most Ruby on Rails projects in 2021.

LQIP in Rails using Thumbor and base64

Sun Jan 31 2021
Use Thumbor and base64 to create tiny image thumbnails for your Ruby on Rails applications.

RSS Bridge and Huginn: Feeds for everything

Mon Oct 05 2020
RSS Bridge is a great way to get automated feeds for just about anything. Combine it with self-hosted services like Huginn to make it really shine.

Prevent blank and initial search with Algolia

Thu Sep 03 2020
If you use Algolia for search in your React application then you might not want it to search for blank queries and prevent search on init. This is how you do it.

My experience when changing from macOS to Ubuntu 20.04

Sun Aug 30 2020
Turns out that moving from macOS to Ubuntu 20.04 was a great thing. Improved performance, better hardware support, and more