A website that uses all kinds of automation to present a nice calendar of upcoming video games. Originally built using Next.js but then moved to Ruby on Rails.
Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, TailwindCSS, Huginn


Broad is a media manager for Movies and TV Shows. It can search for and download movies and tv shows. It keeps track of watched movies and upcoming tv releases. This project is an API project only and consumed by the interface Broadenmyvues
Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, GraphQL


The interface companion for Broad. This was an experiment to learn Vue that evolved into a full interface rewrite for Broad. It uses Vuex, the Redux-like state handling package for Vue.
Tech stack: Vue, Vuex, Bulma, Buefy

Two example screens from Broadenmyvues


Another interface for Broad. This time in React with GraphQL. The interface has been designed in Tailwind instead of Bulma and with no flux for state management.
Tech stack: React, Apollo, Tailwind

Broadly movies list